An update 8-31-13

An update since my last post:

Something has shifted.  I can’t explain it.  I felt it at the end of last month, but worried that my funk would be returning.  My outlook is brighter.  My energy has returned, as well as my positive attitude (this is always changing, of course, but feels oh so better than my criticism).  I can breathe easier.

For those of you who know how Astrology works, because I sure don’t, I swear there was some sort of Cosmic shift with the planets that took me out of my misery.  It seems that my new well-being arrived after last month’s full moon.

It appears that there are times when we can feel low and nothing we can do can change it.  Sure, it is always good to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine.  It is good to meditate to ask the Universe for direction.  It is also good to reach out to others when we need help instead of isolating in our misery.  Positive affirmations also work wonders.

Yet, sometimes, despite everything that we have taught ourselves to get out of our own misery, the best thing to do is to just BE with ourselves.  Take a bath, sing a song, sit in the backyard, take a drive, or a walk – and acknowledge our feelings.  It’s okay to feel.  We are human.  No judgement, no expectations.

and when this doesn’t work, we do it all over again.

So with all my efforts and acknowledgements this year, it really just took some unexplainable force to get me out of my uneasiness.

Despite my moodiness, I still managed to force myself to find a new direction in my life.  I am 43 years old and am going back to Jr. College this semester.  It is scary and exciting at the same time.  I really feel I need to get a handle on these unexplainable intolerances that most people are experiencing these days (most do not recognize that our own food is the culprit), and if anything, my education will somehow lead me to a better road than I have been living.

Going back to school has created a bigger shift in my emotions.  It feels right, even if it is all so overwhelming.


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