Brownie Bites via Part Time Health Nut

The pounds are coming back, and I can almost guarantee it is because I am not careful with my food choices.  Poor attitude is also a factor; although, I can’t blame it all on the food.  Lots of starches and sugars don’t help.

It’s been a few days since I tried to make brownies or any other gluten free dessert.  Tonight I have a craving, and I would love to sit down to watch Saturday Night Live with a brownie, cookie or cupcake.

I found a great recipe for brownie bites at Part Time Health Nut.  I can totally relate to Mayra who has been eating healthy, gluten free; however, the cravings just don’t stop.  She creates recipes that are low in sugar.   She substitutes sugar in her recipes with alternatives low on the Glycemic scale.  I know I could learn a lot from her.

So tonight, I turned to one of her recipes.  This one for Caffeine Free Brownie Bites caught my attention.  I get a little nervous when I see beans in a dessert recipe, but I forced myself through the terror and plunged right in.  And, of course, I had to make some substitutions.

Not too many, though.  I still used the beans.  I used the coconut cream.  I guess the biggest change was using chia seeds instead of flax for the egg replacer.  I used half of the normal amount and added some smashed banana and beet.  Yah, you heard right.  I am afraid of beans, but have been experimenting with beet.  I can rationalize my dessert as “healthy” – protein from the beans, and iron from the beet.  YUM!!



I suggest if you try the recipe, follow the instructions.  Someday, I hope to understand how to create my own recipes–perhaps these substitutions will pay off someday.  Tonight’s dessert was good.  It was fluffy like a cupcake, not necessarily a brownie texture.  I’m not a fan of processed sugar substitutes so I substituted maple syrup for the Stevia.  Since Stevia is super sweet, the maple syrup and beet did not create enough sugary taste for me.  I am sure Mayra’s “bites”, if followed well, will create a different experience.  She is amazing!!

I am going to indulge in one more.  Good Night!!


2 thoughts on “Brownie Bites via Part Time Health Nut

  1. I love that you used banana in these! My first few test batches had banana and dates in them to sweeten, and then I started my blood sugar testing and revamped the entire recipe to work with stevia. I think I used half a frozen banana (lightly defrosted in the microwave) and maybe 3 soaked dates. I love that you’re experimenting with recipe substitutions, that’s a great way to get a sense of what works. You will get there!!

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