Dinner Rolls, On the Lighter Side

I noticed the last few posts I’ve written have been pretty gloomy, and although I know my weaknesses make me stronger, it can look a little whiny coming through to the reader.   Living life one day at a time really shows me that emotions and situations can change in an instant.  Knowing this, too, can make it even more difficult when you don’t see life changing.

I’m supposed to be giving my life up to the Universe.  This is possible; although, it is easy to get complacent.  I don’t want to be one of “those people” who settle for less, using God’s plan as part of the reason, when the truth is fear paralyzes them from moving forward.  I have felt this fear so many times in my life, so many times I felt there was nothing else out there for me.  So a few months ago I took some initiative and did some research on all my goals – and hit a WALL!

And now I sit here with a headache that I have had for the last 3 days or so.  My teeth hurt, but they don’t hurt all the time.  When the pain comes, it settles on my cheekbone under my eye.  The pain goes away and comes back during certain times of the day or the next day in the afternoon.  Strange.  I am so tired of trying to figure out what is wrong with me.

So, I headed back to the kitchen.

I decided to make something simple like rice and beans.  Then, decided I needed a bread to go with it.  I don’t have enough cornmeal to make cornbread, so I turn to the Gluten Free Goddess!  I found this delightful recipe for dinner rolls:


Of course, the recipe looks long, but I know if I plunge forward into mixing the ingredients, it will most likely turn out unless I make a minor, or major, mistake.  I have the best results with this website.

I made a few substitutions, not important.  I used up the rest of my cornmeal for the buckwheat (not a big fan)

The consistency turned out like the Goddess mentioned – “batter-like”.  I felt that was a good sign as I followed the rest of the directions (I was to learn later of a direction that I ignored that costs me a perfect dinner roll)

Looks lovely, doesn't it?

Looks lovely, doesn’t it?

I thought it would be easier to use my muffin cups instead of greasing the muffin tins.  Works with muffins, right?

This is as far as the paper liner will unravel

This is as far as the paper liner will unravel

So I tried placing vegan butter along the sides of the roll to loosen things up. . .

Golden and Delicious!

Golden and Delicious!

It didn’t work . . .

Bottom wasted

Bottom wasted

This gave me permission to remove the tops of three more and chew the inside out as well as I could.  They were delicious!  They would have been the perfect bread if not for battling the muffin cup.

Not too much of a mistake, and I was able to enjoy most of the outcome.

Gratitude – Things are looking UP on the bread experiment 🙂


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