My Potted Garden March 2013

My Potted Garden 03-2013 040

The rain has finally subsided, and I am finally able to step outside again.

At least til the April showers hit.

Yep, that’s right.  I am a wimpy California Girl who can’t stand the cold.  I am sure there are worst conditions; however, at the sign of any wind or dew drops, I am running for cover.

So it is time to take a look to see how my plants are doing.  I took a peak last month and it didn’t look too promising:

Aloe Vera 03-2013 005

Remember that Aloe Vera plant I tried to save?

A friend of mine gave me another one:

Aloe Vera gift

I feel like I have replaced a dead pet. 😦

Remember the basil and lentil?  Well, let’s just say it’s time to move on to better ideas.

I thought my lavender plant would be my best grower; however, when I checked on it 2 months ago, it was already dead.  Gone forever, so I thought.  Until hope shined through when I discovered, a couple of weeks ago, something growing under the crunchy brush:

Do you see it?? Keep looking. . .

Do you see it?? Keep looking. . .

This is my kind of plant:)

In fact, that is the answer for me today.  I need to find plants that make their way back even after I have neglected them for a while.  Through wind and rain, sleet and snow – it could happen here ya know.  If I want to grow herbs or any other plant, I am going to have to go for the. . .  what are they called? Perennials? Annuals? I can never remember. . .

Ugh.  More research.  Good news is, it looks like I already have some plants that fit the description:

I am sure a beautiful flower will grow here someday

I am sure a beautiful flower will grow here someday

Mystery plant and succulents

Mystery plant and succulents

Another mystery plant - LOOK Flowers!!

Another mystery plant – LOOK Flowers!!

I won’t forget the herbs:

Thyme - TWO Kinds!!

Thyme – TWO Kinds!!





Unfortunately, Copper, the Beast, or perhaps it was the innocent Hershey Girl, decided to eat my best looking horseradish plant.  I do have another one growing and it should thrive:

Horseradish 02-2013 033

And if they could stop eating the soil of this one, I might have another mystery plant:

decorative plant 02-2013

I have another plant to share with you.  It is a type of Kale. Its new and been replaced a few times due to the wonderful Labradors residing in my home that quickly sniffed it out and gobbled it up.  The survivor is out of eyes’ view so I hope I remember to water it by next post.  Not sure if it is a perennial, annual or mystery; but I will share with you soon.

For now, I am just happy I have not killed everything in the back yard.


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