Sweet Cravings – Quinoa “oat” Cookies

It’s that time again.  Time to make cookies.  Every night about 9 o’clock, I get the urge to bake cookies.  Or brownies.  Or cake.  Oh, I need to satisfy my sweet tooth.  The problem for me is I have issues with food.  I make something sweet.  I eat it.  All of it. Despite how well it turned out.

This will probably be one of those times.  I turned to the Gluten Free Goddess tonight for some inspiration.

Right after watching Lazaro on American Idol, I started putting together some ideas on what I wanted to create in my kitchen to satisfy my urges.  I found this: Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Quinoa Cookies

What I have noticed about the Gluten Free Goddess is this: Don’t mess with the recipe!!  She has some wonderful recipes, tasty, inventive, amazing!   Since I am such a novice, I can only blame any mishaps on myself.  And it doesn’t help that I cannot simply follow a recipe to its exact direction.

It’s not like I can’t follow directions.

Well, yeh, maybe it is.  I can be a rebel sometimes, and since I am too scared to break the law, I get my opportunity to break the rules in the kitchen.  Sometimes, when I change something, it is merely for taste.  Perhaps there is something in my kitchen that will really add some zest to a recipe.  Tonight it was my almond extract instead of vanilla.

But it didn’t stop there.

A lot of times, I just don’t have all the ingredients listed at 9:00pm – and since I didn’t prepare, I try to utilize what I have.  First of all, I didn’t have quinoa flour.  Yay, for me, for having quinoa flakes though.  I used quinoa flakes as the recipe called for, and then used almond flour instead of the quinoa.  That shouldn’t be too bad, right?

Then, I took a look at the sugar.  Not much sugar in my cupboard.  I have been trying to stay away from “refined” sugar.  I believe I, eventually, will turn to some natural sugars instead of what’s in the bag.   Tonight I had raw turbinado sugar instead of organic brown sugar, which the recipe called for.  Not much, though – It measured about 1/2 cup and my plan was to add some extra agave/maple syrup later on – and I did.

The egg replacer I used was 1 Tbs flax meal with 3 Tbs of water (standard for one egg).  At the last minute, I prepared the 2nd egg with 1 tsp of baking soda and 1 tsp of vinegar to the flax egg that had been sitting.  I was especially proud of my eggs.  I don’t think they caused a problem with my recipe, this time.

Where I believe I went wrong with this recipe was when I replaced the olive oil with grapeseed oil.  To tell you the truth, I haven’t really been too happy with this grapeseed oil since I bought it.  I think this was the final straw.

I bought my 8 oz olive oil at the farmer’s market for $8.00 (wow, in writing, that sounds like an awful idea).  I wanted to know the difference between “good olive oil” and the stuff at the supermarket.  So, to use all my olive oil in this recipe didn’t seem right.  I used my grapeseed oil instead.

I was really happy to see the batter come out.  To see all the ingredients stick together brought tears to my eyes.

batter ball

Then there are more tears when I form the cookie balls and I feel the oil coming out quinoa cookiesonto my fingers.  My intuition comes in a little too late as I realize the oil might actually be the cause of crumbly cookies.  Looking back, perhaps I should have used less oil since I used less sugar.

The cookies look pretty good coming out of the oven.  Almost look like a real cookie, don’t they?

Oh, I forgot to mention that I did not have chocolate chips.  So, quite a variation of the Goddess’ cookies.  No wonder she is The Goddess!  I suggest you follow her recipes as best you can.  I have, with better luck, baked her Banana Cookies with a few variations and they have turned out moist and delicious.  Looks like a cookie, taste like banana bread in a cookie mouthful. Yum!

As for my cookies tonight, I will probably eat them all despite the mishap, as I throw such few not-so-perfect baked goods in the garbage. I think it is best, however, to change the name of my variation of this recipe to crumb-y cookie

Crumby cookie

Enjoy the Gluten Free Goddess links.  May you have better luck than me with the recipes.  Perhaps next time I will experiment with dinner to stay on the health train.  Good Night!


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