Red Apple Lipstick

My misery with makeup dates back as far as I can remember using it.  As with food, it took me some time to figure out that my eye irritations were caused by the product I placed on my lids and lashes.   As with alcohol, the allergy reactions progressively worsened as years went by.

In my twenties, I spent hours plucking out my eyelashes – I thought it was a nervous condition.  The plucking ended when I no longer purchased waterproof mascara.  I’ve spent top dollars for eye product, as well as foundation and lip stick.  With lip stick, I struggle to find the right color or texture.   I have also purchased bottom line products for a $1.00.  The result is always the same – my body reacts to it.  Sometimes the reaction is a little itchy irritation, drowsiness or dry eye.  Other times it includes headache, heavy fatigue, or, the worse scenario – cold sore.  So, I have lived with the fact that I could resemble a pale, sickly redhead without makeup, or with makeup, appear as though I have contacted leprosy.

Today I know that the top allergens are a big cause for my discomfort with these products.  That is why I was so excited to try Red Apple Lipstick!   They are lab certified Gluten Free, Paraben Free, Soy Free, and Vegan.

The Red Apple Lipstick company started with a gentleman by the name of Jay Adam Harper (read the story here) .  His desire was to make the safest lipstick for gluten intolerants.  After succeeding with lipstick, the company moved on to eye shadow and now are working on a foundation line.   I had stumbled upon them online, interacted with them on Facebook, and had the opportunity to get up close and personal at the Gluten & Allergen Free Expo.

The perfect place to sample the make-up products, Andrea, Jay’s wife, applied vibrant colors on my eyes and lips.  The lipstick felt fabulous – smooth, soft and glossy without that balmy, sticky texture.  When I rubbed my lips together, the color stayed consistent with its luxurious shine.  My lips looked moist and kissable.

When I got home, all my friends and family were wow’d by my appearance.   I had never received so many compliments from wearing makeup before.  Perhaps I had finally found the right make-up line for me!

With 56,000+ likes on Facebook and growing, I wish I could say that I did not have any allergic reactions.  I do love the product, the customer service, and the allergy free authenticity;  however, even with the great reputation, my body still had side effects to the product.

I experienced a headache and sore throat the first night I had the makeup.  The next day, my headache remained and I knew it was time to do a little trial and error to see if I could have possibly picked up some virus, or allergy from some unknown source.  It had been a long weekend and there was definitely a possibility of headache from fatigue, or lack of nutrition.

The first thing I did prior to using my purchase was wash my current brushes thoroughly.  I did not want the possibility of any other eye shadow residue coming into contact with my allergen free selection. By the end of the evening, I had a migraine.  Again, I thought of all  other possibilities – dehydration, fatigue from the weekend, not eating enough healthy foods.  Oh, please don’t be the makeup. I noticed a sore throat.  How could this be possible?

The next day, I decided to go without makeup.  I had awakened with another migraine and extreme body aches; however, after taking a shower and drinking some coffee, the migraine went away.  Oh, thank goodness!  So a couple days without makeup, feeling good, and then back to the eye shadow and lipstick.

I play this trial and error game often when experimenting with a new food or body product.  I try it for a couple of days, stop taking it, go without, try to eliminate other problem triggers, and then go back to it. If I continue to have the headaches, fatigue, sore throat or other ailments, I try without again.  I continue to play the game even though I am certain of the effects, until my body hits bottom and says “I can’t take this anymore!!!”  and goes into complete pain shock – then I know there is no other possibility.  Sounds a little crazy considering my intuition is usually correct the first questionable time, but I want to prove the theory, like any other science experiment.

I even experimented dabbing Calendula cream under my eyes to ease the itching for a short time.  Dry eyes, but no headache, the first time I tried it.  Tried again another day without the ointment and my headache came back to haunt me, again.  The headache always seems to win the war.

I really wanted this to work because I looked freakin’ fantastically beautiful!!!

I don’t usually boast, but hey. . . gotta flaunt it when ya got it 😉

Baffled by the results, I examined the ingredients for the lipstick and eye shadow. They share a few similar components:  Titanium Dioxide, Hypericum Perforatum (St. John’s Wort) Extract, Mica, Iron Oxides.  I do not know what most of these ingredients are, but it has me imagining what has caused this irritation.

Not all side effects come from chemicals or toxins.  Red Apple Lipstick uses a lot of natural ingredients, such as St. John’s Wort, camomile and grapeseed extract, shea butter and jojoba seed oil – I would not discredit any of them.  I have used “all natural products” in the past and have still found some kind of irritation with them.

The reality is I am super sensitive red-head.  The only way I can describe it is by comparing it to someone who is allergic to strawberries.  It is a natural fruit, not part of the allergen food chain, yet some people just cannot tolerate it.  I can’t say “don’t eat strawberries.  they will kill you”, yet to some, this might actually be the case.

I value the ethics of this company and encourage others to try the Red Apple Lipstick line, despite my misfortune.  I know others who enjoy this product with no problems.

Now, please share your story with Red Apple Lipstick.  Have you used them?  What was your experience?  Are you excited to try their foundation line?  I want to hear from you.


2 thoughts on “Red Apple Lipstick

  1. I haven’t used them yet but I can definitely relate to reacting to even “natural” product. Even Calendula actually, irritates my skin! Aloe sometimes does, also. It’s weird how sensitive our skin can be.

    • Thank you for the feedback. Yeh, I have issues with coconut oil and nutritional yeast. Seems like everyone is raving about it, and I just get to sit on the sidelines with my cheese-less gluten free pizza.

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