Transformation 01-12-13


Abundance and Prosperity will fill my soul this year – I can feel it!  I don’t know how to explain it, but I have this “sense” that life is going to turn in a new direction and I will find that new career path that I was destined for.  What makes this year different from last year?  I am not quite sure.  I most likely proclaimed the exact same thing, and looked forward to all the wonderful gifts that were ready to take place for me.  It didn’t quite turn out that way.

One of the greatest gifts that came to me last year was losing my job.

What? !! 

Yes, that’s right.  It seems an odd remark.  With thousands, maybe millions, out of work in America, it would appear I had been pushed into the sea of misery along with the others – bobbing up and down, swallowed by each wave, unable to find rescue.  Yet, I welcome the calm water, riding each wave with ease. I must have faith that the waters will bring me to shore, no matter what turmoil comes my way.

The challenges over the last few years have given me opportunity for growth, strength, and direction.  There will always be decisions to make; however, one question that has wavered my mind throughout this journey has been “what do I want to be when I grow up?” – I took classes at The Learning Exchange, attended events from holistic practitioners, joined meetup groups, and rushed to any other self-fulfilling ceremony to find that one circumstance to bring me to fruition.

Losing my job was the final push I needed to get me moving in the right direction.  With all my soul searching, I was ready for the unemployment chain.  What came next, I had not planned.  My mother called me two days after I was laid off.  Taking care of her the last 6 months, I wondered if this what I am destined for.  Not quite what I had in mind, but the Universe has plans that I may not have any control over.  I thought I could make a living taking care of my mother.  Perhaps it will lead me to other things, or I can find that new career path while taking care of her.

Which brings me to today.

I haven’t quite done anything towards Resolution#2: Study Diabetes, and learn to cook accordingly; although, I did follow Sweet Talk -N- Diabetes on Facebook and am now in touch with a new blog called Part-Time Health Nut. I am hoping to learn more about the toxins in sugar and sugar alternatives from these two.

When I really take a look at that resolution, I feel that studying sugar toxins and diabetes is in tune with Resolution #3:  Search for a New Career Path.  With all my challenges of losing my relationship, my home, and my job, the main concern that I have had to face is my food allergies.  Along the way, I have studied how our food is altered and how this, in turn, leads to many of the diseases we face today, including diabetes.

Ever since I created these resolutions, I feel that the energy has shifted in regards to my career search.  Last month, in the midst of one of my depressions, I attended a seminar regarding food affecting our mood.  The lecture was given by Trudy Scott, Food Mood Expert & Nutritionist.  I asked her for education advice and she led me to Institute for Integrative Nutrition When I took a look at it this month, it created this trickle effect of meeting more people who have attended this training program.  I don’t look for these people, they are just showing up.  A couple have blogs that I have tripped over by accident, one person I met in my looking-for-work network.   When I spoke to my friend about how fast all this information was coming available to me about this school, she told me that a friend of hers, out of state, went through this program and put me in touch with her.  Truly, the Spirit of the Universe is at work here.  

There are a few conditions to be considered, such as finances, but I feel like I am definitely moving towards a new direction.
What an amazing journey I have been on since going gluten free.   I wish I didn’t have to deal with losing everything else along the way, but I realize it is all giving me the strength to be who I am meant to be.


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