Bunco Night

I am in a hurry.

I have volunteered to create a salad and salad dressing for tonight’s bunco game.

Ten years ago or so, I had almost grimaced at the idea of playing bunco.  I had heard older ladies exclaiming how much fun they have getting together with the girls and playing the game.  I didn’t understand the strategy of throwing dice over and over again. . . count the ones, then the twos, and so forth.

Although, there was the time in my drinking days when I would fill in as a sub for some acquaintances.  Ah, they had the best wine as I recall . . . and the game was lame.  But it was okay because I was the only alcoholic there (that I knew of) and I could drink as much wine as was opened.  I would try to be social to these women that I barely knew, making the best of the situation.  BUNCO! was when the round of #’s to be thrown came up on all three dice.  Prizes would be awarded for the most buncos, wins and losses.  I could meander over to the counter where the wine sat as the winners were being called out.

For some unknown reason, they stopped calling me to be a sub.

Tonight, I am looking forward to meeting my best friends for bunco.  I have become one of those old ladies. . . BUNCO!!

Now back to the salad. .  .

Of course, I still have my wonderful in-tolerances to most foods that I have to consider so making my own salad and dressing will ensure that I will have something to eat.

I visited a yard sale this morning, spying two glass pie dishes.  Score!

As I browse the farmer’s market today for my salad fixins, I decide a gluten free peach cobbler is in order for tonight’s dessert.  Why should I be the only one not eating dessert tonight, right?

Wait a minute. . . peach salad dressing.   Is it possible?  I usually create a salad dressing from oil and vinegar, but adding a peach might be quite flavorful!

I am on a mission, in a hurry because I have two hours to get this done, and I have a long haul of getting ready to do since I haven’t showered today.  Today is one of those days where I roll out of bed, put a hat on (or not, as in today’s case-just walking around with bedhead), and start moving – running errands and getting to appointments (luckily only appointments with friends that don’t mind the bedhead).

And why not throw in a blog while I am at it?  If I don’t do it now, the words will just whirl around my head, never reaching this site.

So, online now looking up recipes.  I have a general idea because I have created similar recipes in the past; however, sometimes when I go from memory, it doesn’t turn out as well as I had hoped.

Oh, look at this – the Gluten Free Goddess has one!!  I just love her.  I am a little apprehensive because I have never used this recipe.  Perhaps I was also picturing a peach crumble instead of cobbler, but this is what I typed in and this is what I got.  Her recipes are usually pretty satisfying if I pay attention.  Then, there is the problem with which ingredients I have on hand.

I have dishes to do.  How much time do I have?

I’ll start with cutting/pealing the peaches.  As I am rinsing my hands I can wash a few dishes in the sink.  How do I have so many dishes when I am rarely home???  I notice the ramekins that I use to mix my Ener-G egg replacer.  That will be next.

Meanwhile, my dog is being a tard as he wags his tail, hitting everything around him and confused as to why it is hitting something that he won’t move away from.  Distraction.  I have to laugh.  I have ADD just like him and am easily entertained.

I get out my magic bullet.  A few of the sliced peaches will be fine, along with oil and vinegar.  Did I mention I have ADD?  Diagnosed by myself, I move on to the salad dressing.  Maybe a little basil, oregano, and cayenne pepper would be good to add.

My timer is going off for the peaches that are boiling.   I notice I have not made enough salad dressing.  One more peach to be pealed.  One more turn of the magic bullet.

I gaze at the list of dry ingredients.  I hope the science experiment works.

Brown rice flour, check

Almond Meal, check

Tapioca Starch, salt, baking powder, baking soda, xanthum gum

I have all the ingredients needed – whoo hoo!!  that’s promising!

Why do I have a need to add coconut flour just because I have some?  okay, just a smidgen.  Last time I used this flour, it soaked up all the wet ingredients and made paste.

Oh my goodness!! this might actually work.  I frantically put all the ingredients together.  I am running out of time and haven’t even made my salad.   Into my new pie plate, I pour the peaches.  Spoon the batter on top.  This might create a spillage in the oven – I take a little out into a small baking cup.  Still feel like there might be some spilling over into the oven, but I put the pie pan in and cross my fingers there is not a fire~

Into the shower I go.  I will have to make the salad when I get out.  I have a half hour till I have to leave.  Maybe I can work with 40 minutes.

I am looking forward to bunco.  It really is a lot of fun.  Especially with the new group of girls I have grown to love as my sisters.  No alcohol, just pure laughter and joy!


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