Egg Substitutes

I thought it would be a fairly simple task of replacing my eggs with egg replacers; however, it just brings me to the realization that I don’t know a thing about cooking or baking.  Growing up, as well as growing old, I always thought I was a good baker.  Now that I am having to be a little creative at times with the science experiments (that is what I call gluten free, vegan baking these days), I am realizing that I can follow a recipe on the back of Tollhouse Chocolate Chip bag, no problem, but it is the creative part that I am lacking – AND, with that comes a little know-how needed in the kitchen.

As I look over some egg replacing techniques, I am hit with the following questions: Is it a binder?  Is it for leavening? or is it for moisture?

So what does that mean?  Doesn’t moisture and binding mean the same?  obviously, I would need a little moisture in order to bind something together, right?  I thought that is what butter was for.  What is leavening exactly?  does that mean I expect it to rise?  well, wouldn’t I want all my baked goods to rise??  breads, cookies, muffins – what’s the difference?  and I thought the baking soda and baking powder were used for that??

and how did they come up with these egg replacers?  did someone like me just start throwing things together to see what worked right? I am sure they were more strategic than me and jotted their experiments down before moving on to the next experiment.

I ponder taking a baking class.  I am too afraid, though, that it would require me to listen to how to sift flour and measure the baking soda or salt.  No thank you.  I learned that in home economics my senior year of high school.

So for now, I will have to use the tools that I am provided with.  I will turn to those who know best.  Here is a list of sites to help with the transition:

I have a long way to go and a lot of experimenting to do.  Till now, I just followed a recipe.  From now on, I will think about the reason for the type of substitutes, and then will see if another alternative will be more helpful.

Let the science experiments begin – again!!


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