Embarrassing Moment – Relief at Last!!

By the end of June, I had become so uncomfortable.  Tired, Worn, Irritated. . .

One of my stress-ers, my job of 14 years, ended last month.  The next day, I produced a bowel movement that deemed promising.  What a relief!!  From what I have read and heard, stress does contribute to some of our daily dis-functions.

My meditative practices had paid off.  I did not fear unemployment – I welcomed it.  I embraced the opportunity to take care of my personal needs.  I am open to any new job that comes my way; however, taking the dogs for walks, watering my potted herb garden, and getting enough rest has been a blessing beyond my wildest dreams.  I am so in tune with the Universe!

This is not my solution to the ongoing bodily dysfunction;  Unemployment is a life lesson.  Focusing on my desires is what I am meant to do at this moment.  I am right where I need to be~

My side still hurt on some days.  In regards to my liver dilemma, I continued meditation.  I was puzzled by the message I received for my non-functioning bowel:  Dandelion Root

Where the heck did that come from?

Isn’t Dandelion the weed with the long stem and ball top filled with little cotton type seeds that a child blows into the wind?  Surely there must be some mistake

Dandelion seeds being dispersed by an air current

Dandelion seeds being dispersed by an air current (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I performed my online research.  Yes, Dandelion is that crazy little weed that grows in our grass.  I found it at the grocery store; however, my research tells me to use organic – wouldn’t want to consume any of those chemical fertilizers or pesticides 🙂

I found the leaves at the Sacramento Co-op.  They also had Dandelion Root in the tea leaves section–Whoo hoo!!

Now what to do??

I took a step back.

I had insurance benefits that needed to be utilized.  Back to the doctor.  I hadn’t seen a conventional doctor in quite some time.  He pushed on my side — yep, that hurts!!

and yes, that was my liver.  The doctor said it could be Colitis or Irritable Bowel.  I told him I didn’t believe in Irritable Bowel.  Try Again!!

After a lengthy explanation in broken English of the hypothesis of this disease, he prescribed an antibiotic for the colon – Metronidazol.  Said it would give me an aftertaste on my tongue.  Normal side effect.  What he didn’t tell me is that it would make me ill, overly hungry and tired, and stinky!  My body odor was intense!!

I hadn’t worn deodorant in over a year (Hmmm.  We will have to talk about this in the near future – mercury, agitation from chemicals, etc), the summer heat had risen to its normal Sacramento, CA temperature of 110 degrees, and this antibiotics unpleasant taste was coming through my pores.  UGH!!!

What else could happen to me?

I pushed through the nauseous feelings, welcomed the naps, and avoided hugging my usual group contacts.

Meanwhile, I was working on a tea to help me:

  • 1 part Mint
  • 1 part Lemongrass
  • 1/3 part Dandelion Root

Chop and place in tea press with hot water – add a little raw sugar for sweetness.  Yummy!!!

I drank my tea, Aloe Vera juice and Milk Thistle.  I finished taking my antibiotic.

Relief came.  and it came again. . . and I was amazed at how good it felt!  And without that cramping, blasting, sit-on-toilet-all -day feeling.  No diarrhea involved–Dr. Oz would be proud!!  I could go on his show and advocate healthy poops~I could proclaim that my dog’s back inflammation toned down and she too was having awesome bowel movements.  <sigh>

I don’t know for sure what ailed me.  With a little experimentation, I could see that it wasn’t the antibiotic that helped me alone.  I like to think that the tea had a lot to do with it because I usually had my relief on days that I took it and not on the days that I didn’t.  I imagine that all my ailments were working together for a common solution.

Today, I do not have daily bowel movements; however, I don’t feel like I have to go to the bathroom constantly, but when I sit, cannot.  I feel more energized again.

I’m still working on my gluten free diet, among other restrictions.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring with my health.  I will keep working with different tools to help guide me on this path.

One Day at a Time


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