Embarrassing Moment

Haven’t been on here in a while and I am reluctant to say that it is primarily due to having a lingering thought in my mind, which I truly do not want to discuss.  Something that has been bothering me immensely with my health, something that is very personal to me, but really embarrassed to talk about.   We never discussed it growing up in my childhood home, even though it is something that everybody does.  However, it is something that I should reveal since I have to deal with it on a daily basis.

The fact is I am not dealing with it very well.

How do I describe this in a post to thousands of people? – ok, I am just getting started on my blogging and I am not anywhere close to that number of followers.  Perhaps that makes it more embarrassing.  Do I want to lose that handful of followers because of my discussion of Bowel Movements?

Yes, Bowel Movements.  That’s the trouble.  I am constantly having to deal with the fact that I don’t have them. . .  regularly. . . or, even anywhere close to that.

Seriously.  . . I am not kidding!  I have struggled with this for quite some time – since childhood, I believe.  Although, the real problem occurred a little over 7 years ago.  The fact that it takes me sometimes a whole month before some kind of terd comes out of my body is not really the issue.

The real issue I thought was symptomatic of my wisdom teeth extraction; however, it continued on for a lot longer than one would expect.  Nothing helped – not laxatives, enemas, fiber cereal, or any other medicine the doctors gave me for Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  Another label that could be quite worse than the word “bowel movement” – yulck!

I had even seen a specialist who recommended a lower GI.

Not a pleasant experience – I do not recommend it!

“Looks like you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome” – which basically means “We didn’t find anything wrong with you and we don’t know what else to do with you.  Here is a pill that won’t work”

If this daily struggle wasn’t uncomfortable, if it didn’t feel at every given moment that I had to go, or that something was stuck in my colon, only to sit on the mighty throne shifting my buttocks from one side to another and then NOTHING, or something next to nothing (which is also disappointing), I don’t think I would be too concerned about it.

According to Dr. Mehmet Oz, a healthy bowel movement should be golden brown or honey colored, soft, and should “swoosh” into the toilet rather than plop. Plopping indicates dehydration and other possible health issues. If we are properly hydrated the stool will “swoosh” or slide into the bowl and should form into an “S” shapeadapted from http://voices.yahoo.com/healthy-bowel-movements-look-for-5970360.html?cat=5

I would say that when I have an opportunity to eliminate (is that a dog command?), it looks like a little pebble, or a rabbit terd.  Dr. Oz says that this is not healthy either – sign of dehydration.  If it were only as simple as drinking more water, I would feel like this is my answer and all my problems should be solved!!  Let’s see – past experience with severe dry mouth, excessive thirst, and migraines would definitely suggest dehydration; however, water was not enough.

My change to a gluten free diet, as well as eliminating all the other toxic foods, originally fixed this problem.  I am always excited to look into the toilet and see pieces larger than 2 inches – and anything much larger than that, I am jumping up and down ecstatically with a happy dance, no less.

I am not sure what changed recently.  I feel like I have been doing everything right~ well. . . except for that occasional “f*** this – I am having some ice cream since nothing seems to be going right anyways!”.  This I also do not recommend.  Although it was very tasty, the itching is not fun to deal with at night.

My kinesiologist had originally given me some supplements that worked great for me.  Not only did he provide what appeared to be an appetite suppressant, but also something to get the bowels moving.  I have lost a lot of weight this last year and I guess I could say he had a lot to do with it – Yeah Me!

However, the last 6 months or so, I have felt awful!  Headaches, stomach aches, low energy – and above all, I have had this pain in my right side.  It feels like it is right below my ribs at times, but creeps up the back side of my rib, and sometimes the right side of my vertebrae where the muscle sits.  It is inflamed and uncomfortable.  Not to mention that my body feels like it is not absorbing nutrients.

I have an intuitive sense when it comes to my body talking to me. Some people call it paranoia; however, I seriously did not feel healthy by any means regardless of my weight loss.

After several discussions with the kinesiologist, I decided to venture out on my own again – he did mention in my last email to him that I could  have Leaky Gut Syndrome.  Again, this could conjure up all sorts of unnecessary visuals pertaining to running to the toilet, painful cramping, and loss of bowels.  Not the case with me; however,  I may be looking into this disorder later. For now – la la la, I don’t hear you!!

I tried the raw food diet briefly to “cleanse” my body of toxins, only to reveal that not much “cleansing” was taking place.

With that, I also started taking Aloe Vera Juice.  The dietitian at the Sunrise Natural Food in Roseville, CA warned that I may have issues with the Orange Papaya Aloe Life Brand.  I decided to buy anyways.  She also recommended Aerobic Life MagO7 – The Ultimate Oxygenating Digestive System Cleanser.  I was reluctant due to the rice flour ingredient, but I bought it anyways.

So, this was the start with my fixing my bowel issues and the reason why I have not posted recently.  Despite the temptations with wanting a sandwich, I have not given in.  I have been entirely gluten free, except the occasional accidental consumption, since November.  I am learning a lot despite my discomfort.

More to come – please stay tuned~


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