Raw Food Detox – Day 5: Final Destination

So I made it to 5 days.  That’s it.

I can’t even say that all 5 days were pure raw food, but today I finished with my usual smoothie – adding an asparagus and omitting kale (I was out).  Lunch was a satisfying salad with avocado and oranges.  I did not think about coffee this morning, nor tea till late this afternoon and it was a very short thought, nothing else.

And tonight, I came home and cooked up some baby artichokes with Japanese sweet potatoes.  I cut up the sweet potato and placed with artichokes on cookie sheet drizzled with olive oil.  Added garlic, rosemary and orange. Baked at 375.

It gave me a warm sensation in my belly!!

I would have loved to keep going on this raw food thing.  One website I found suggested 10 days for a cleanse.  Yeh, that ain’t happening. Perhaps I will be open to having a raw food meal every once in a while.

So, I don’t want to leave this site feeling like a failure because I didn’t make it the whole week.  In fact, I don’t feel that way at all.  Perhaps if I would have tried this months ago this would have been my attitude – that I am a failure and I can’t do anything right.

But tonight I can say that I learned a few things from this experience – and some of them might be life changing:

  1. I learned that I can get up early enough to juice for breakfast (or smoothie quick blender drink)
  2. I cut out coffee.  Hopefully for good. 
  3. Raw foodist are very creative.  In fact, I believe to really be diligent in eating raw foods everyday, you really have to be diligent in your meal planning.  I am not there yet, and I accept that
  4. and I learned that’s its ok to accept me for how I am – a baker.  I need to get active and start my bread making so I can master this gluten free lifestyle!

~~like that is going to be the cure all (bread-haahaha).  Ok – it will feeeel like it to me.  Then I can move on to something else 🙂

I still haven’t felt the “cleanse” experience, but I think the Aloe is helping.  My liver hurts and my back hurts.  I am hoping this weekend I will get some relief.  More to be revealed~



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