Raw Food Detox – Day 4

What is it about my addictive behavior that says after 3 days and feeling better, it is ok to have something that made me sick in the first place?

Today I woke up feeling wonderful! So great in fact that  I wanted to stay in bed and play with the dogs instead of getting up to make my morning juice.  I lost track of time but took some items from my fridge for salad this afternoon.  I nibbled on some broccoli on my way to work.

And, to my surprise, was contemplating a cup of coffee.  “one won’t hurt”, “it will be alright”, “its just a little bit” – are you freakin kidding me?

I could feel the taste of hot coffee on the back of my throat.  and remember, I don’t like coffee. It had a pleasant aroma, very pleasing to the palate.  I would smile and release an “ahhh” sound of relief.   They call this Romanticizing!

I got through it.

Salad for lunch and a juice.

I am still not feeling “cleanse” throughout my body, so I decided to stop by the Natural Food Store on my way home.  I purchased some Aloe Vera Juice, which I hear is good for repairing the gut.   The lady at the store has the same issues as me, allergic or intolerant to everything.  She told me that I might have some issues in the one brand that I bought because it contains orange and papaya.  I didn’t like the ingredients of the other brands (maltodextrin or rice or corn) and decided to go with the orange and papaya anyways.

So I really hope that orange and papaya are not the culprit to my body not cleansing.  I have been eating them all week.  Perhaps another food I need to stay away from?  Citris?  We shall see.  For now, the juice is not that bad.

I wanted to find a raw food recipe for tonight’s dinner but surprisingly did not have any luck.  I did find a couple that looked good but I opted out on.  Perhaps tomorrow.


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