Raw Food Cleanse – Day 3

Not much to write today. I have a horrible migraine.  A needle is stabbing me in the back of the head as we speak and my shoulder is tense and achy as well.

I felt better waking up today, made my typical smoothie with pineapple, papaya & Kale and went off to work.

No juice during my lunch.  I had brought some broccoli that I marinated in rice vinegar.  Sounds yummy, doesn’t it?  and it actually filled me up.

Probably not getting enough calories in this cleanse, but since it is temporary, I won’t worry about that too much.  I don’t feel much cleansing going on in my body.  I am not getting rid of anything, if you know what I mean, which brings me to another question about my health issues.

I suspect I have Leaky Gut Syndrome.  I hate that term.  Sounds kinda disgusting and my body is not leaking anywhere.  In fact, it is holding everything in.  Probably another topic of discussion at a later post, but I don’t know too many people interested in hearing about bowels, and so I will refrain tonight.

Tonight I had a huge salad with mixed greens, avocado and tomato and rice vinegar for dressing.  It was actually pretty yummy.

I had left work early again to come home and catch up on sleep.  Felt really good when I awoke, but now I am back to feeling this migraine which has come on quite suddenly.  My headaches before were the type to inform me that something was changing inside my body.  This headache, this migraine – well, I just don’t know what it is trying to tell me except that a knife in the back of the head would feel a lot better than how I feel now.

I am running out of veges, so we shall see how tomorrow goes.  I would love to dig into my sweet potatoes and baby artichokes so not sure how long this raw food detox is going to last.  I won’t be finishing out the week – there are blogs being posted with delicious enchiladas and pizza, gluten free of course – but I am taking this one  day at a time and will see what tomorrow brings me.


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