Raw Food Detox – Day 1 & 2

Yesterday I decided to start my Juice Cleanse, along with raw food dieting.  I didn’t think I could handle “just juice”.  Well, now I don’t think I can handle “raw food”.  I am going through some major withdrawals.

However, I got on this posting to explain how I did it yesterday and today so I shall start with that.

Yesterday, I felt really good after my Regenerative Healing and I was ready to tackle this cleanse full force.  I felt really good and the juice and vegetable snacking was really enough food for me.  Ok, I did cheat.  Just a little. I had a cup of coffee in the afternoon, and a small bowl of beans that I had cooked up the day before that I didn’t want to go to waste.  As far as what I ate the rest of the day, I had some carrots, snow peas and jicama.  I made a smoothy with pineapple, banana and mango plus some kale.  I got a sweet tooth in the evening and made up the following Raw Coconut Macaroons:

6 – dates
1/2 c. – walnuts or almonds
1/4 c. – almond meal
1/4 c. – raw coconut
1/2 – banana
Mix together in food processor, until smooth. If too sticky, add more
dry ingredients.
I placed cookie size balls of batter on cookie sheet and put in warm oven
– less than 180 degrees from what I hear is needed not to cook it –
and cracked the door a little. I let them dry out and become macaroons.
**Very Yummy!

Today, however, was not so good!  I woke up tired. Although, I had stayed up very late so it was expected.  At work, I tried talking myself into having “just one” cup of coffee.  So many times I convinced myself it was a good idea.  But I stayed away – Yeah for ME!!

I had prepared a raw oatmeal dish the night before where you cover the uncooked oatmeal with almond milk and leave in fridge overnight.  Today, I added some hot water to the oatmeal and my usual banana and walnuts.  It was still a little cold but I ate it anyways, contemplating whether this was true raw oatmeal.  Does oatmeal go through some kind of cooking process before it is packaged, and what about almond milk? Its cold so I automatically think it is raw.  But perhaps that is another study I need to pursue.

Not today

Instead of my iced tea for lunch, I ordered a juice with beets, carrots, ginger, pineapple and some other goodies.  and that’s when it started to go downhill.

I was already feeling some body aches, and my head was hurting between the eyes.  My initial thought was “oh, good. It’s working.  My body has some toxins it is getting rid of” and then as the day went on and I felt like puking I thought “oh, dear.  my body is getting rid of toxins.  Really? from juice and veges?  really?  I won’t be able to do this”

Of course, I may be going through a severe caffeine withdrawal.  Not fun!

So I met with friends this evening as planned but I really just wanted to vomit.  I had a glass of water and an orange.  Even that was hard for me to swallow.  I came home and took a salt bath (I had heard that the salt water releases toxins also).  That was hard for me to do too with my body aches and feverish hot sweats, but I stuck it out and now I am here.  I do feel a lot better than I did and I may have a carrot before going to bed.  I still have some achiness in my head.

Good news is I am not at the point of poking my eyeballs out!  We shall see what tomorrow brings.


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