Raw Food Diet

Saturday, my friend came over to perform a Cellular Regenerative Healing on me.   It was amazing!! My body is finally feeling like it is coming to a state of normalcy that I have not felt for several months now.

During the healing, she mentioned I should do a cleanse.

Now I am not one for promoting commercial type cleanses.  In fact, I hate them.  I have tried a couple before and they usually give me a migraine that last for a week and I just want to rip my eyeballs out.

But my friend said, “just do a juice cleanse!” — and that made sense to me.  It may not have made sense a couple of years ago, but now that I have been experimenting with juicing, I am 100% in favor of it.  At this time, I don’t have the best rated juicer.   It was a gift my son gave to me – despite his pessimism on my new diet – and it has been great with getting used to the idea of what veges make the best juices!

Well. . . I can’t say for sure if I could do a couple days of just juicing.  So I was thinking today after heading back from the farmer’s market that perhaps I could have a juice each morning and then eat raw foods throughout the rest of the day.  Sounds Scary!

Yes, a little scary because I love food so much.  Especially cooked comfort food.  Eating raw food is new to me so I will have to do some research on my favorite and only resource – the Internet – to find some recipes when the vegetable snacking loses its appeal.

I’ll keep you posted on how I’m doing, but for now, does anyone have any raw food or juicing recipes they would like to share?


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