Recognizing Accomplishments

Self-Pity has been a reoccurring theme throughout my life. It’s easy for me to engage in an emotional self mutilation of insults as I look back on what could have been or what I should have done better.

This is also true of my diet.

  • “I’ll never figure it out!”
    “I have no willpower”
    “It’s useless-I give up!”
  • If it were anyone else going through this struggle, I would comfort them and let them know lifestyle changes don’t occur overnight. You can’t expect to be a body builder after one trip to the gym(darn it!), why would this be any different?
    This diet is something that you must maintain for a LIFETIME.

    “There will be lots of mistakes. . . Tons”.
    I have noticed this remark by several bloggers. What a relief!
    I heard it again today as I attended an Intro to Organic Gardening class.
    The Universe must be trying to tell me something.

    Giving up is not an option for me, no matter how much I struggle. Reverting back to my old eating habits causes pain and discomfort, which reminds me of the reasons why I can no longer eat the foods that I once enjoyed. And when my days are good, they are really good. I feel energetic and alive!

    In order to move forward, I must acknowledge all my achievements, no matter how big or small. So here goes. In the past month, despite all my blah feelings of mood swings, I have managed to accomplish a few things:

    I cook better in a clean kitchen. This may sound like common sense to some, but for me, I tend to work around my existing mess, piling flour and sugar spills on top of the counters and stove. Cake batter or other goop-y substances will land on all kitchen appliances positioned nearby.
    I found that my mind reflects this mess – chaotic, disorderly. But, when I clean prior to cooking or baking, my mind is at ease and I can enjoy every aspect of the process.
    I may end up with the baking ingredients inside the bowl – Yeah Me! šŸ™‚

    Mistakes are Going to Be Part of the Process To all who have gone before me – thanks for reassuring me as I go through this trial and error period

    Hard as a Rock

    Experiment #1: Breakfast Cake

    The first time I have thrown a whole cake away after one bite. Yes, I was brave enough to take “a bite”

    Rice is not my Friend Some Celiacs have mentioned that they have stomach issues with rice. How can this be? Weren’t most of us taught at a young age that rice and lamb are the two foods people can eat which will not cause an allergic reaction? Am I the only person who has heard of this? Well, I guess that’s not true – Oh, I have a lot to learn – for now, I should just stay away

    Getting out the Digital Camera As nice as pictures look on my cell phone, they don’t serve justice when downloaded onto here. I bought new batteries for my camera and discovered another reason to keep the kitchen clean

    This one looks better already!!!

    Baked Bread I went through a phase where I needed a sandwich. More experimenting. Results good – Very tasty

    Bread for Sandwiches

    I did it - I made Bread!

    More Homemade Meals
    Still working on this one – I know its for the best.

    Looking back on all these accomplishments makes me feel extraordinary! I am grateful I have the ability to learn new ideas and techniques!
    Just as a musician has to practice to become a professional, I will practice to become a professional of allergy baking~


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