Morning Dry Mouth

Woke up with dry mouth this morning. Days like this, I remember back to when I was eating wheat and dairy. I would wake up feeling like someone hit me with a bat. My body would ache from the back of my head and neck & down my shoulders. Felt like my bones were splintering, cracking at every movement. I felt tense and in need of chiropractic adjustment. My mouth would be so dry, it felt like I could scrape a few layers off my tongue. My eyes were dried up with my lids sticking to the eyeball. Today, I just feel a little uneasy knowing that something has entered my body and caused a reaction. My tongue is dry. In an annoying kind of way. Could be worse.

Makes me ponder what I have eaten the night before.
Could it be the onions? I use onions on everything as a seasoning. I do tend to get bloated when I eat them.
One more food item to be mindful of. . . i have a hard enough time eliminating the foods that I know as my allergens. Like soy, wheat, gluten & dairy, onions are in just about everything canned or prepackaged.

Makeup could be the culprit as well. I have had issues with makeup all my teenage and adult life. Itchy eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows. Recently used lip gloss and developed cold sore. I have found wheat in makeup, lotions, face creams, & shampoos. My new makeup had ingredients listed that could of, or could not have had gluten in them. All foreign words to me. I find myself waking up with a stuffy nose and headache after using this new makeup. Back to the store it goes. But I still have some mascara that I use from time to time. Could this be causing some problems as well?

Just a random post today, in my world of trying to feel “normal”


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