New Year’s Resolution

Looking back on 2011, I find myself always trying to explain to people why I am not eating this or that. Perhaps this is my own insecurity about who I am and what I am doing. There would be times when people, mainly those who know me as the unique, ditzy redhead, would stare at me with questionable quirks as if I were fantasizing. Some would tell me “its a mind over matter thing” or “there is just a little bit” of the food you can’t tolerate. I struggle to find words to explain what I have learned about food allergies since I started this journey. Still more looks of “yep. crazy!”
Perhaps I say too much, and perhaps some people really don’t care that their food is covered in pesticides, or that the same foods that I can’t tolerate could be affecting their health as well. Its taken me almost two years to realize that it is simple enough to just pass up food with a “no thank you”. The truth is, I love food. I would love to indulge in the cream based appetizers, the pasta dishes, the cakes, cookies, pies, anything and everything on the buffet table at parties. Now that I know that my body can’t handle these simple meals (yes, I still consider cake a meal :)), I find myself constantly crying out to people the knowledge I have and how it can help them. Some think it is a little over the top.
The truth is, I worry about what people think of me way too much! I am obsessed with this worry as much as I am obsessed with food. Its time to make a resounding, powerful, life-changing New Year’s Resolution! I am tired of living in fear of what others think, and I have too much at risk with conforming to their standards. It hasn’t been an easy change; however, my journey has begun, and I am ready to share it with others. Some may think it is a little exaggerated; but, some may say “I can relate to that! I have had the same experience” and maybe what I am learning along this journey will help them deal with their food intolerances a little easier. This is my story – and no one else’s. All I can provide is my experience, strength & hope as I share new discoveries. Today, I love the way I feel despite my limitations. I love the fact that I can wake up feeling renewed, ready to take on life’s challenges. I love what I am learning and the road that I am taking.
This is a new me, a new way of living!


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