Eggs are OUT!

I don’t know why I think that I can have it “just this one time”. I have proven myself over and over again that I DO have an allergy to this simple food.
Today I went to my seemingly favorite breakfast restaurant – my friends and I meetup there once a week – Pacific Street Cafe in Roseville, CA. If you don’t have to worry about food allergies, this restaurant has the railroad ambiance of old town and a fabulous Breakfast and Lunch menu. Perfect portions (just enough) and friendly staff!
I was, of course, starving by the time we met. I have ignored my self aware warnings of eating snacky foods at home before going out – an apple, banana or pear may have prevented my indulgence! I decided to go for the omelet. They have a fantastic spinach omelet and a spicy omelet with ground beef, chili peppers and cheese. I opted out on the cheese (since I know my body can’t tolerate it) and combined the ingredients from both selections; however, should not be eating omelets in the first place.

“just this once”
“it will be ok”
“I’ll have a little discomfort but I will be ok”

and why do I believe that?

Omelet and potatoes were delicious! I am not discrediting this restaurant. Fabulous! Wonderful breakfast and social outing among friends!

On my way home, I can feel the pain forming over my eyes. Its a small headache, just a little irritating. At least my allergies don’t cause Anaphylactic Shock. I can be grateful for that~
The pain goes from my forehead and eyes to the back of my head and down my neck. My shoulders clench. I become very tired. I take a nap and wake up with that hangover feeling – I have not had alcohol for 4 years now. I also notice my ears burn and itch like an ear infection is developing, and my throat hurts.

Are these common symptoms for allergies or is it just me? Some of my friends and family members may feel that I am hallucinating. Then why does it go away when I eat organic vegetarian meals for several days? I also feel nauseous after eating milk products like ice cream and chocolate pie. When I eat bread or other gluten grains, my stomach hardens. I also get itchy feet, hands, ears and head on random days. There are other symptoms too that I am not disclosing, not yet. Does anyone else experience these types of reactions?


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