Struggle Days. . . is there hope for me?

Full course dinner

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Hasn’t been a good couple of weeks for me.  Can’t resist the sandwiches or restaurant food.  and my friends want to go out for dessert – that’s wheat, eggs and dairy all rolled into one. . . but I can’t say no.  I love cake too much!!!

Today I am feeling bloated and depressed.  I know I need to get back to gluten free, vegan eating.  I also wonder what other foods make me sick. ? ? – suspect onions as a culprit but haven’t gone far enough as to eliminate them.

So why do I put these foods in my mouth, knowing they will just make me miserable?  its almost like I begin to set myself up for failure or perhaps I feel like I don’t deserve to have good things happen to me.  If other areas of my life feel uneasy, I throw up my hands and say “I can’t do this – its too much work!!”  I also feel like I am missing out on something.  why do I have to eat special food when everyone else has food so readily available to them?

To ensure that I stay consistent with my new diet, I must take action.  Following is a list of tools I use for staying on track:

1. Grocery shop at least once a week.  I pick a day of the week to purchase my  food staples.  No guilt for having to go back for additional items.  Fruits and Vegetables don’t last long, so I may have to go back for more.

2. Food preparation.  Make a couple different salads for lunches.  Cut up vegetables for easy grab and create meals/snacks. Cook up a big pot of soup or chili and have leftovers.

3. Eat Breakfast.  Ok – we have all heard this one before . . .  I think I get it now! Without all the fancy technical medical reasons, the bottom line is this:  When I don’t eat breakfast, by lunch time – I am STARVING!! and I don’t care what I eat at that point.  Either my pre-made salad just doesn’t sound good enough, or my poor planning for daily lunches has given me more reason to reach for something at the deli’s, salad bars, and fast food joints.  – there are not too many options at that point.

4. Food Journal – My food journal is not fancy.  I don’t count calories, but perhaps that will work for you.  I simply write everything out that I ate that day and how I feel at the end of the day.  Pretty sure there is some psychological reason why this works, but to keep it simple, it just does.  The following days I am perceptive to what I am putting into my body.

Looking over my list, I realize that it is not as overwhelming as I originally thought-and appears to be feasible even for a procrastinator like me.  What have I been beating myself up over? I have done it before and can do it again!  Tomorrow is a new beginning. . .


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